I am a writer, former journalist, and writing teacher. 

My debut novel, They Are Trying To Break Your Heart, was published by Bloomsbury in April 2016, chosen as a Netgalley book of the month, reviewed favourably in The Times Literary Supplement, Los Angeles Times, Publisher's Weekly and by Kirkus Reviews. It was one of ten books longlisted for The Desmond Elliott Prize, the UK's biggest prize for debut fiction. 

In 2017, They Are Trying To Break Your Heart won the English Language debut novel prize in international competition at Le Festival Premier Roman, France.

My second novel, All Of Russia's Children, was completed in 2021, and is represented by Sophie Lambert, at Conville and Walsh literary agency. We're really excited to be sharing it soon. It is the beginning of a trilogy of international thrillers about British foreign correspondent John Solomon, a man searching for the truth about a missing colleague, and confronting the autocratic regimes of threatened liberal democracies in Europe. In a tale of spies, conspiracies, love and betrayal, it takes the reader to the Caucasus, Russia, and the countries of central Europe. It is a story that will shine a light on the big questions of today - what is the future of democracy, and why should we defend liberalism?

​I teach Creative Writing at The University of Salford in Manchester where I am Programme Leader for English and Creative Writing, and where I founded the world's first Creative Writing Multidiscipline degree to educate students in narrative for the creative industries. I am the proud founder and creator of the St Mary's First Novel MA, where I taught with authors Christie Watson and Jonathan Gibbs, helping over a dozen debut novelists into publication in its first few years alone. I have written for The New Statesman, Fiction Writers Review and Writer's&Artist's Online. In an eight year career as a documentary producer with the BBC, I worked across news and current affairs, making films for primetime on BBC One, Two, Three and Four.


On this site you can find links to essays and music I've created along the way as well as details of any upcoming events.