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Anya had read it somewhere. You make memories of an event before it happens. Memories could exist in the future. But she hadn’t understood the idea until now. Until in her panic at losing Will, or drowning, or whatever it was she was panicking about, she had turned her loss into a memory she would have. It was the mind’s way of  taking out an insurance policy, a means of mitigating the trauma to come. Except this time, the trauma hadn’t arrived and her insurance policy wasn’t needed. Anya wasn’t at all used to panicking. She was not a panicker.



Reader Views

THEY ARE TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART  - it's moving, tender, thrilling, important. It will stay with me for a very long time. Megan Bradbury,

Author of  Everybody is Watching

A pageturner of some considerable force. David Savill writes with a profound intelligence and compassion about subjects that really matter. Nathan Filer, author of Shock of The Fall

A remarkable book. They Are Trying To Break Your Heart moves with the force of a thriller, spanning decades and continents with ease. David Savill will break your heart, then put it back together again, page by page, in prose of aching emotional truth. Anna Hope, author of Wake, and The Ballroom.

They Are Trying To Break Your Heart is a beautifully balanced and nuanced novel. Savill threads together the various strands of his story superbly to produce a novel full of the mystery and wonder of the world. Richard Skinner, author of The Mirror

This is the first book I've read that truly represents the political climate of the twenty-first century's first decade. Moving between Sarajevo and Thailand, this multi-layered, global novel tackles what happens in the face of unbearable trauma. The story evokes the pointed and contemporary question: how can we dare to love, when everything around us is broken? Julia Bell, author of Massive, Dirty Work, and The Dark Light

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