• David Savill

An Improvisation: July 01st, 2021 10.03pm

Pay attention. It's a mantra in the creative writing classes I teach. There are rules for my musical improvisations that mean I must practice paying attention. Once I've found a few chords, I can only improvise on them once. The first recording has to be the one I use. Any mistakes, I'll have to live with and work around. For this one, I played three tracks, each of them once. Piano, Guitar, Synth. Like strangers briefly meeting, they only have one chance to speak to each other. Afterwards, I wanted to pay attention to the pictures. Who are these people? Where are they going? What's happening in their lives? I am grateful to the Flickr Creative Commons license for these wonderful photographs, and the photographers on Flickr: Nicholas Winspeare, Joao Lavina, Walimali, Andreas Schalk, John St John, Dirk Forster, Christian Hornick, Juan Gomez. For more on the life benefits and philosophy of paying attention, see Julia Bell's book, Radical Attention.

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